Intro to Silversmithing:
3 Day Class

Pre-requisite: For intermediate students
Instructor: James Carter
Class Time:  March 6-8, 2020
Class Length: 18 hours (3 days)
Tuition: $400.00 per class and a $25 lab fee

(Additional materials will be purchased from the instructor; approximate cost $35 – $50.)

Class size limited to 8 students.

Silversmithing involves techniques that are found in jewelry, but are more often used in the creation of objects such as bowls, eating utensils, serving sets and various other items associated with the table.
In this class, we will start from the beginning – the spoon – one of the first utensils invented. There are endless possibilities with the type of spoon one can make, i.e. a serving spoon, baby spoon, hors d’oeuvre spoon, sugar spoon, etc.
The techniques covered will be forging and forming with a hammer, die forming and roller printing.