Visiting Instructors

James Carter Studio & School of Jewelry Arts offers classes from visiting instructors. We welcome the opportunity to learn from and offer the skills of fellow craftsmen and women.

Beadweaving Chain by Deborah Drossman,
3 Day Class

In this class, Deborah will be teaching the Peyote stitch, an off-loom beadweaving technique found in many cultures, i.e. artifacts from ancient Egypt and Native American art. Students will be encouraged to express their own unique creativity by designing images to be realized by using this ancient technique. 

Prerequisites: For students of all levels. Limited to 8 students.
Dates: Coming in Spring. Dates to be announced.
Class Length: 9-4
Tuition: $400 and $25 materials fee.
Register by filling out the registration form online with payment or call 919-240-5253 with credit card information.

Artist Statement: My inspiration came from Native American beadwork. The patterns, colors and versatility of the stitch motivated me to want to use the technique to express my own visions and ideas. I specifically did not want to copy Native American designs.

Saw and Soldering Champleve with Silver (925) by Kristin Anderson, 4 Day Class


The purpose of this workshop is to learn the “Saw and Solder Champleve” technique – not to produce a major masterpiece.  A simple piece that will have a bracket on the back so that it can be worn on a chain will be created. 

Using sheet sterling silver, the jewelers saw, files, and burrs we will construct simple pendants. Then we will enamel them with transparent, vitreous enamels to bring out the clarity and brilliance of this beautiful medium. In contrast with the fine wires of cloisonné, we will play off areas lustrous polished silver with luminous clear enamel. All the “mysteries” of enameling on sterling silver will be revealed. Take your new skill home to design new pieces with this versatile medium.

Join Kristin Anderson to learn techniques that she has practiced since she started her Studio in 1971.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of and experience with sawing, filing and soldering necessary for success in this class.  Limited to 8 students. 

Dates: Coming this Fall!
Class Length: 9-4
Tuition: $550 and $50 materials fee.
Register by filling out the registration form online with payment or call 919-240-5253 with credit card information.

Kristin Anderson Bio:

Kristin Anderson, Artist and Metalsmith, is originally from Wisconsin. She started working with silver while in high school, and received her Bachelor of Arts in painting at Portland State University in 1966. During 1967 and 1968, she worked as an enamelist at the David-Andersen factory in Oslo, Norway. In 1974, she received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Art Metal at the University of Wisconsin.
In 1971, she established her studio Kristinworks in Madison. For 14 years, she sold her works at major art fairs and fine galleries all over the country. Her works are represented in private collections and published in several books about the art of enameling.
In 1985, she moved to Apalachicola and established Long Dream Gallery showing the works of 130 living American artists, and continued working in her studio.
In 2010, Kristin was one of two Franklin County artists to have works accepted for the inaugural exhibition of the Florida Museum for Women Artists in DeLand, Florida. In 2003 and 2004, her pieces were accepted into two statewide exhibitions: the Florida Craftsmen 50th Anniversary Exhibition and the Objects of Desire Exhibition, both in St. Petersburg.
In 1999, Kristin sold the downtown building, moved out in the woods near Apalachicola, built a new studio, and established an online presence, She continues designing custom pieces for clients, teaching and making beautiful works in silver, gold, enamel, and stones.