metalsmithessentialsdvdThis DVD is packed with a wealth of information gleaned from 35 years of experience in the trade. The 2-disc set is for all skill levels of jewelry artists working in metal who want to improve their abilities and craftsmanship.

Techniques covered in the video include:
metal fabrication
proper use of the jeweler’s saw
metal texturing

“When are you going to make a video?”
After years of being asked this question by his students, James Carter has created a 2010 comprehensive and in-depth tutorial on 3 projects. These projects encompass what he considers to be essential and universal metalsmithing skills that are used in all facets of jewelry making. The projects that are clearly demonstrated in a step-by-step format are the bezel, the hinge, and the clasp.



metalsmithdvdAfter the success of his first DVD, Metalsmithing Essentials, James Carter was excited about doing another one. This time he decided to produce a DVD that would be geared primarily for the beginner and that would teach the basics of jewelry construction. After teaching hundreds of students new to jewelry, James has mastered teaching the very clear step-by-step process that results in learning how to make a quality piece of jewelry.

The emphasis is on in-depth training in:
stone setting
the various uses of metal sheet and wire

The DVD is organized in chapters, each chapter representing a specific component or aspect of the final and finished piece of jewelry that he creates for all to see – a James Carter original.

Like the first, this second DVD has all the tips and insights gained from nearly 35 years of experience in the trade. This just-released 2-disc set, Metalsmithing Basics: A Beginner’s Guide for Creating Jewelry, is for beginners in jewelry making who are interested in learning how to work with metal to create unique and creative jewelry that exhibits excellent craftsmanship.

This video is an excerpt from the DVD. Welcome to James Carter Studios – Introduction to Connectors in Jewelry Making – we hope you enjoy it. Produced by Treehouse Productions, Hillsborough, NC.